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Spiritual Direction offering to St. Stephen’s in July, Aug, and Sept.

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Our Vacation Bible School Helpers
We want to thank all of our wonderful helpers for VBS 2017.  We had 41 children attending from our church and our Child Development Center, and had a great time learning about three heroes of the Old Testament:  Noah, Jonah, and David.  We also raised $76.59 for our mission project which was Loads of Love.  Pictures from VBS are on the Saint Stephens Episcopal Huntsville Youth and Children Facebook page.  Check them out to see what we did each day. 
This year’s helpers were:
Lisa Gruner                               Annie Phillips
Erin Hannah                             Matthew Shapiro                                  
Gina Hannah                            Ana Tamm-Daniels
Hudson Haynsworth                Hunter Wade
Beverly Penaranda                  Theresa Wade



Hanging out at St. Stephen’s this summer!

While I’d like to say I learn something new, every day, I know that’s simply not true. In fact, I’m not sure I learn something new every other day! What I do know is true is that I have learned some new things in and about St, Stephen’s on this “tour of duty” that I may have not known before. One of the “learnings” of the past five months is that you like to come together. You like to come together share food…conversation… thoughts and ideas…prayer. All this was clearly evident as you faithfully attend our Wednesday Lentin teaching series and catered supporters. I heard from many of you that you were very sorry to see the series end…that you enjoyed the whole ball of wax…and you wished we could do more of this kind of thing. I couldn’t agree with you more! Ans while we won’t be bringing in any speakers nor offering a class, we will be offering four opportunities to come hang out together at St, Stephen”s during June, July and August. Check the events calendar for the line-up and description of events.


Welcome Our new Nursery Worker – We have a new helper in our nursery. Please stop by and welcome Megan Scott. Megan is finishing her junior year at Alabama A&M and is preparing for a career as a social worker.